Yumpingo & Olo Integration

Start capturing feedback through Olo’s ordering channels with Yumpingo’s direct integration with Olo’s Digital Ordering Platform.

Unlock off-premise performance insights to empower frontline teams to drive improvements throughout the ordering experience.

olo and yumpingo

Start capturing real-time feedback within days of enablement

Increase execution quality, accuracy, and velocity to grow off-premise revenue.

Identify opportunities for menu engineering and development to help with ongoing cost savings.

Yumpingo aggregates and translates customer data into actionable insights for the business.


How does Olo integrate with Yumpingo?

Step 1:


When an order is placed, Olo sends customer and order details to Yumpingo.


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Step 2:


At the end of their meal, Yumpingo sends a 1-Minute Smart Survey to the customer via a restaurant-branded email to capture off-prem experience satisfaction.


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Step 3:


Yumpingo then provides brands with actionable insights based on customer experience data collected through Smart Actions.


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Delivering ROI and valuable insights for your teams

Our platform delivers valuable insights for each level of the business - empowering everyone from senior leadership, operations, marketing, culinary, and front-line teams to execute their best food and service every day. 

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